"The Devil Is A Condition" explores the housing conditions and needs of the poor Puerto Rican and Black communities together during the late 60's and 70's. Set to the soundtrack of free jazz and poetry, the film exhibitions of impoverished Black and Puerto Rican life together. To take a place like New York, where the destinies of the two communities feel inextricably tied, recounting that exchange/relationship is enduringly important. Jumping from Uptown, to Brooklyn, and back the The Bronx, The Devil is a Condition is both a capsule of a burning New York, as well a depiction of how somethings still have failed to change. The documentary feels timely in the way that two communities relied on each other both artistically, as well as for social progress.
Runtime: 25 minutes, Director: Carlos de Jesus, Producer: Olaiya
Interview with Carlos de Jesus