Natás es Satán, completed in 1975, focuses its narrative on the title character Natás, a police offer who is the devil incarnate himself. Based on somewhat true events that happened to writer Joe Zayas, according to editor Al Nieves, the film’s antagonist wrongfully arrests businessman Victor after spotting him leaving his store with a gun on his hip. Victor protests that he has a permit to carry and when it turns out to be true, Natás files a report saying Victor threatened him. When an investigation clears Victor, Natás is suspended, sending the film down it’s bizarre and deranged exploitation antics, including what might the first kiss between two men in Puerto Rican filmography. The corrupt cop spends the entirety of the movie finding absurd ways to intimidate and endanger Victor and his wife, conveying the seedy underbelly of the police force and the abuse it forces upon the Puerto Rican community.