The film title is an adaption from a series of short stories about three young Puerto Rican brothers whose lives are watched over by their father’s wounded ghost, murdered by police in the process of a bank robbery. After the heist attempt goes wrong, the Brothers move to quiet Rockland County where they meet old Miss Malloy who has a house that needs some restoration to throw one last party before she dies. It is the only film chosen that does not take place in New York City at all. Their former home of the Bronx takes on a similar role as the father does; a phantom figure that is only spoken about cryptically, because those of us who know don’t have to be told explicitly. Instead the upstate town where they take residency, Nyack, is one they describe as purposely self destructing as the only way the whites can keep other away. Urban renewal can begin here tonight. But don't worry. The whites who live around here don't care shit about progress. The film assumes an element of horror both in the depiction of New York City as a lore and the daily lives of the Brothers.
Runtime: 54 minutes, Director: Kathleen Collins, Editor: Ronald K. Gray
Interview with Cinematographer/Editor: Ronald K. Gray